Variand wall rail

SKU: V04.100-BI-NA

The wall rails make hanging the furniture child's play thanks to their special shape and can be equipped with practical add-onss such as magnets, lighting & more.

length: 100 cm
add-on: Magnete
Color: Birke

<tc>Variand</tc> Hang

The patented Variand hanging mechanism gives the system its flexibility.
The special shape of the wall rails allows the furniture to be easily hung up and taken down and at the same time ensures that it sits securely in the wall rail.

Die <tc>wall rails</tc>-<tc>add-ons</tc>

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Do you love designing your wall with pictures?

With the integrated picture rail you can put picture frames on the wall quickly and without tools - without new holes in your wall and with plenty of scope for creativity.

<tc>wall rail with magnets</tc>


Organize your hallway, kitchen or home office with practical magnetic railn.

The hidden magnets on the back of the wall rail give notes, keys or kitchen utensils a place and ensure that they stay there are ready to hand where you need them.

<tc>wall rail with pin stripe</tc>


Quickly put pictures, children's drawings, shopping lists and more on the wall and use them to design your pinn rail.

Whether in the home office, children's room or entrance area, the wall rail with cork strips will help you keep your paperwork organized .

<tc>wall rails</tc> with lighting


Soft ambient lighting in the living room or a well-lit worktop in the kitchen?
Discover the wall rails with lighting:

To the wall rail with LED stripen

Leisten mit Stromschiene


Die Wandleiste mit Stromschiene ermöglicht das flexible Positionieren von LED-Leuchten und Ladeanschlüssen für Mobilgeräte - perfekt für Homeoffice, Küche oder das Schlafzimmer.

Zu den Stromleisten


Find out more about the material and details of wall rails:

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<tc>wall rails</tc> Connect

There are two drill holes behind the end piece made of sandblasted stainless steel. When the end piece is removed, metal dowels can be inserted here with which two wall rails can be connected to each other.

This makes the assembly of several wall rails easier and the system as a whole more stable.

The hanging mechanism

The special round shape of the Variand-wall rails allows furniture to be quickly and safely hung up and taken down from the wall rails.

Only by turning upwards by at least 20° can the furniture can be removed from the wall rails.

The material

So that the wall rails are particularly durable and stable, we only use very robust materials such as multiplex laminated veneer lumber made of birch wood or solid oak wood.


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