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v06 - Stromleiste

Entdecke die neue Wandleiste mit Stromschiene für LED-Spots und Ladegeräte.

Stromleiste ansehen


Die LED-Spots können an beliebiger Stelle in der Stromschiene positioniert werden und individuell über einen Knopf am Spot ein-/ ausgeschaltet oder gedimmt werden.


Die Ladebuchse verfügt über einen USB Typ C Anschluss und kann an beliebiger Stelle in der Stromschiene positioniert werden.

Discover the modular wall shelf system from <tc>Variand</tc>

Variand is a furniture and wall shelving system that can be changed playfully and easily according to your wishes and requirements.

Due to the special design of the furniture and wall rails, the Variand shelves, wardrobes , pinboards, mirrors and much more can be quickly moved, arranged and expanded on the wall - the way you like it and suits you!

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Simply hang it up and make it your own.

smart design

Once the wall rails has been assembled, the Variand furniture can be hung on it quickly and easily. Thanks to the patented hanging mechanism, the furniture hangs firmly and securely on the wall and can still be moved or replaced at any time.

For this clever design, Variand was awarded the German Design Award 2023.

Get to know the system and furniture

Your life varies. Your furniture should too.

Modular setup

Variand comes to life through your passions and changes with your requirements.
Whether you need more space in your wardrobe, want to redesign at short notice or want to turn the guest room into a home office - with Variand you remain flexible .

Drag the slider left or right and find out.


German design. Made in Italy. That's how it works too.

Long-lasting and sustainable

Variand was developed in Cologne and South Tyrol by a team of young architects and entrepreneurs.
All components of the system are manufactured at the second company location near Brixen in close cooperation with local companies.

We pay particular attention to using high-quality materials and high manufacturing quality to ensure a long service life for our furniturewall rails.

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Flexible setup

Quickly changed and redesigned. No matter whether you want one more hook in your wardrobe or you want to redesign the entire apartment - with Variand it's quick and easy.

Modern Design

The minimalist, reduced design makes every wall an eye-catcher and still fits elegantly and unobtrusively into any interior.

Creatively organized

With the versatile Variand-add-onsn such as magnets or picture railn you can organize and design your apartment practically and stylishly

Made in Südtirol

The Variand furniture is manufactured in South Tyrol with high quality standards. This means we guarantee short delivery routes and a long life of the furniture.

Homeoffice sets

Discover the new home office furniture like the flexible wall desk D01.

To the home office sets

Container I03

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Use the small Variand container to organize pens etc. and have them ready to hand at all times.

LED-<tc>LED rail</tc> V05

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The wall rail with integrated lighting creates a pleasant ambience and puts the desk in the right light.

Wall desk D01

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The minimalist Variand desk turns the home workplace into a stylish eye-catcher.

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Silvan Wierer


“Quickly assembled, practical, timeless and simply stylish! I've been using kitchen rails from Variand for almost a year now and I couldn't imagine being without it. Rearranging the furniture is super practical and turns my kitchen into a beautiful, unique piece!”

Tobias Hamann


The design of Variand is simply ingenious, elegant and simple at the same time. Simple and yet a real eye-catcher.
The modular system is easy to assemble and can easily be added to or changed at any time.
In addition, the quality, delivery and, above all, the communication with the team are excellent!

Stefan Höfer


“The LED rail is the new star in the living room.
The rooms with Variand-wall rails simply look good thanks to the wall layout you are planning. In addition, the walls still appear independent and not as bulky as if you were putting a large cupboard in front of them. They remain variable, expandable and still absorb a lot.”

Florian Finke


Variand is the ideal alternative to – usually massive – wall cabinets in my kitchen. The wall rail and the shelves fit perfectly into the design. The result looks even better than in the pictures in the catalog. Everything feels incredibly valuable."

Joachim Friedhoff


"A beautiful, simple and reserved design. It looks great, is expandable and ideal for narrow rooms."

Sandra Rafraider


Variand was the perfect solution for my narrow and elongated kitchen. The practical shelves create the necessary storage space, are easily adjustable and also impress with their timeless design!”

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