Practical wall hooks and clever accessories for organized wardrobes, kitchens and more

Design your home smartly and tastefully with the practical accessories from Variand. With the versatile wall hooks, shelfsurfaces, holders and many other practical add-onss and accessories, you can always have jackets in your wardrobe, kitchen utensils or work materials at hand.

The smart and minimalist design adapts perfectly to your needs and the numerous design options allow you to redesign your home again and again.

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I01S hook size S Offer€15,00
I01M hook size M Offer€18,00
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I03 container I03 container
I03 container Offerab €95,00
I04.1 Holder for kitchen rolls +hover
I04.2 Bicycle mount +hover
I04.2 Bicycle mount Offer€140,00

Everyday helper

Practical accessories for hallways, kitchens and offices


Quickly hung and always there where you need it

smart DESIGN

Minimalist & modern Formsprache


High-quality and durable materials

Simply hang it up and make it your own.

Clever mounting and flexible configuration

The stylish wall hooks and other add-ons for wardrobes and kitchens are little helpers that make your everyday life more comfortable and aesthetic.
Thanks to their well thought-out design, they can be moved flexibly and therefore used in a variety of ways.

Whether you need more space in the entrance area or want to have your kitchen utensils within easy reach - Variand allows you to adapt your home in an instant.

Choose your furniture step by step.

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