Multifunctional furniture for versatile applications

Variand offers modular furniture with a flexible system for every living space.

Whether in your living room, the entrance, the kitchen or in the home office - the
multifunctional furniture fits any interior and can be easily and
adapted to your requirements and wishes.

All applications

Discover the versatile areas of application and sets of Variand now and find your
individual furnishing solution!

Unique design furniture for an individual design of your interior

The Variand system not only impresses with its unique design and durable materials, but also offers countless application possibilities.

Thanks to the playful changeability of the versatile furniture system, you can configure and individualize your wall according to your wishes.

Entrance areas

Practical and beautiful wardrobes for entrance areas and narrow hallways

Living walls

Modern wall units with creative and individual design


Flexible furniture, practical organization and homely design for the study

Kitchen shelves

Modern kitchen design for stylish organization of your kitchen


Application / product group
Application / product group

27 products

<tc>E01 - The Ascetic One</tc> <tc>E01 - The Ascetic One</tc>
E01 - The Ascetic One Offerab €120,00
<tc>E02 - The Minimalistic One</tc> <tc>E02 - The Minimalistic One</tc>
E02 - The Minimalistic One Offerab €245,00
<tc>E03 - The Alluring One</tc> <tc>E03 - The Alluring One</tc>
E03 - The Alluring One Offerab €265,00
<tc>E04 - The Dynamic One</tc> <tc>E04 - The Dynamic One</tc>
E04 - The Dynamic One Offerab €533,00
<tc>E05 - The Elegant One</tc> <tc>E05 - The Elegant One</tc>
E05 - The Elegant One Offerab €1.431,00
<tc>E06 - The Playful One</tc> <tc>E06 - The Playful One</tc>
E06 - The Playful One Offerab €1.988,00
<tc>E07 - The Bold One</tc> <tc>E07 - The Bold One</tc>
E07 - The Bold One Offerab €1.696,00
<tc>E08 - The Reflective One</tc> <tc>E08 - The Reflective One</tc>
E08 - The Reflective One Offerab €2.286,00
<tc>E09 - The Versatile One</tc> <tc>E09 - The Versatile One</tc>
E09 - The Versatile One Offerab €2.961,00
<tc>E10 - The Simple One</tc> <tc>E10 - The Simple One</tc>
E10 - The Simple One Offerab €865,00
W01 - The closeness to nature W01 - The closeness to nature
W02 - The relaxed one W02 - The relaxed one
W02 - The relaxed one Offerab €1.115,00
W03 - The creative one W03 - The creative one
W03 - The creative one Offerab €1.175,00
W04 - The atmospheric W04 - The atmospheric
W04 - The atmospheric Offerab €1.335,00
W05 - The harmonic W05 - The harmonic
W05 - The harmonic Offerab €1.625,00
W06 - The generous one W06 - The generous one
W06 - The generous one Offerab €2.205,00
W07 - The luxurious one W07 - The luxurious one
W07 - The luxurious one Offerab €2.905,00
W08 - The tidy one W08 - The tidy one
W08 - The tidy one Offerab €3.130,00
<tc>K01 - The Culinary One</tc> <tc>K01 - The Culinary One</tc>
K01 - The Culinary One Offerab €645,00
<tc>K02 - The Lively One</tc> <tc>K02 - The Lively One</tc>
K02 - The Lively One Offerab €1.310,00
<tc>K03 - The Modern One</tc> <tc>K03 - The Modern One</tc>
K03 - The Modern One Offerab €1.606,00
<tc>K04 - The Enlightened One</tc> <tc>K04 - The Enlightened One</tc>
K04 - The Enlightened One Offerab €1.950,00
<tc>H01 - The Creative One</tc> <tc>H01 - The Creative One</tc>
H01 - The Creative One Offerab €1.585,00
<tc>H02 - The Collaborative One</tc> <tc>H02 - The Collaborative One</tc>
H02 - The Collaborative One Offerab €2.220,00
<tc>H03 - The Inspiring One</tc> <tc>H03 - The Inspiring One</tc>
H03 - The Inspiring One Offerab €2.700,00
<tc>H04 - The Compact One</tc> <tc>H04 - The Compact One</tc>
H04 - The Compact One Offerab €1.005,00
<tc>H05 - The Focused One</tc> <tc>H05 - The Focused One</tc>
H05 - The Focused One Offerab €1.225,00