The Kittchen - Hostel

Das Kittchen - Hostel

A hostel in the old prison

Project location: Wismar, Germany
Client: Das Kittchen GmbH
meter wall rail: > 200 m
Scope: Facility for 30 hostel rooms

In the beautiful northern German town of Wismar, “das Kittchen”, a modern hostel, was created this year from a former prison, which makes use of the historical substance of the building and creates a special stay experience with a tasteful interior design.

Part of the concept is the Variand system in 30 single, double and multi-bed rooms, which combines important functional and design furnishing elements on the wall rails. This includes wardrobes, storage space, small desks, integrated room and ambient lighting, and TV mounts in every room.

The power distribution and control for the light strips, as well as the TV connections, were solved using custom-made installation modules made of birch wood, to which the wall rails connect. This meant that fewer new cables had to be pulled through the existing walls, which were largely very old.  

Hostel Zimmer mit Varian-Möbelsystem

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