wall rail with LED stripe

SKU: V05.100-BI-NA-K

The wall rails with integrated lighting skillfully sets the scene for rooms and ensures a pleasant ambience and well-lit areas.

length: 100 cm


Control: Kippschalter


Color: Birke

<tc>wall rails</tc> with LED lighting


Discover the atmospheric ambient lighting of the Variand-wall rails.

Whether in the kitchen, living room, home office or hallway, the wall becomes an eye-catcher.

light off

light on



The lighting can be controlled either with a simple toggle switch on the cable or with a radio remote control.

Power cable

The light wall rail is connected via a textile cable that can come out of the wall rail on the left or right.

A power connection hidden behind the wall rail without a cable via a wall outlet is also possible.

remote control

With the remote control, the LED strip can be continuously dimmed and controlled from a distance.

The remote control is magnetic and can be hung on the metal furniture, the magnetic railn or a wall bracket provided.


The transformer for the LED strip and the radio receiver for the remote control are used when installing on the back of the wall rail.


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