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Flexible wall wardrobes for your entrance area

Create a transformable entrance area with the Variand wardrobeswall rails.

From hooks for jackets and bags to stylish wall coat racks to minimalist shoe racks and unique mirrors - discover numerous modern and practical design options for your wardrobe!


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<tc>E01 - The Ascetic One</tc> <tc>E01 - The Ascetic One</tc>
E01 - The Ascetic One Offerab €120,00
<tc>E02 - The Minimalistic One</tc> <tc>E02 - The Minimalistic One</tc>
E02 - The Minimalistic One Offerab €230,00
<tc>E03 - The Alluring One</tc> <tc>E03 - The Alluring One</tc>
E03 - The Alluring One Offerab €250,00
<tc>E04 - The Dynamic One</tc> <tc>E04 - The Dynamic One</tc>
E04 - The Dynamic One Offerab €495,00
<tc>E05 - The Elegant One</tc> <tc>E05 - The Elegant One</tc>
E05 - The Elegant One Offerab €1.275,00
<tc>E06 - The Playful One</tc> <tc>E06 - The Playful One</tc>
E06 - The Playful One Offerab €1.875,00
<tc>E07 - The Bold One</tc> <tc>E07 - The Bold One</tc>
E07 - The Bold One Offerab €1.545,00
<tc>E08 - The Reflective One</tc> <tc>E08 - The Reflective One</tc>
E08 - The Reflective One Offerab €2.150,00
<tc>E09 - The Versatile One</tc> <tc>E09 - The Versatile One</tc>
E09 - The Versatile One Offerab €2.765,00
<tc>E10 - The Simple One</tc> <tc>E10 - The Simple One</tc>
E10 - The Simple One Offerab €850,00


Quickly changed, expanded & redesigned


Practical and beautiful organization of your everyday items

Modern Design

Awarded the German Design Award 2023


High-quality and durable materials

Practical and stylish <tc>magnetic rail</tc>n

Organized & stylish with <tc>Variand</tc> wardrobes<tc>wall rails</tc>

With the magnetic wall rails from Variand, your keys, shopping lists and notes are always within reach.
Flexibly adjustable, practical everyday organization, creative styling, high quality and durable.

Combine functionality with style and design your individual hallway area with the high-quality wall coat rack from Variand!

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#Variante_Metallrahmen +hover
Stilvolles Variand Garderobenregal mit Kleiderstange in der Farbe weiß und Größe S #Größe_S
Das elegante Schuhregal aus hellem Birkenholz und weißem Metallkörper von Variand
A04 shoe rack


N01 mirror


#Größe/ Variante_S
I01 hook


Stilvolles Variand Garderobenregal mit Kleiderstange in der Farbe weiß und Größe S Detailbild des modernen Variand Garderobenregals für den Eingangsbereich mit Kleidung an Kleiderbügeln
A03 wardrobe shelf Offerab €250,00
Das elegante Schuhregal aus hellem Birkenholz und weißem Metallkörper von Variand Detail der Verbindung des Regalbrettes aus hellem Birkenholz und dem weißen Metallkörper beim Schuhregal von Variand
A04 shoe rack Offer€475,00
N01 mirror N01 mirror
N01 mirror Offerab €490,00
I01 hook I01 hook
I01 hook Offer€15,00
Wandgarderobe im Eingangsbereich mit dem minimalistischen Schuhregal von Variand an einer schwarzen Wandleiste aus Holz

Put together your entrance set yourself

Design your own set

In the following steps you can select wall rails and furniture that is pre-selected specifically for the entrance area.

You can find a guided selection with all of our products here: to the selection page

1. Select <tc>wall rails</tc>

When choosing the wall rails you should consider how wide your wall is, which wall rails-add-ons you want and which material suits your furnishings.

The wall rails with You can find LED lighting here: to the light wall rails

2. Select furniture

When choosing furniture for your entrance wall, you should consider how much space you have on the previously selected wall rails.

Let us create a plan for you!

Planning aid

Are you not completely satisfied with your selection or do you still have questions?
Then let our team help you with the planning!

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