Compile <tc>Variand</tc>

You've browsed enough and now you want to be more specific?
On this page you can put together your own Variand furniture and you will be guided through the selection step by step.

1. <tc>wall rails</tc> Select

Choose your wall rails in the different lengths, add-on-Variand and material or color options.

Just keep scrolling to get started.

2. Shelves & Wardrobes

Choose from decorative shelves, wall coat racks, shoe racks and bookcases.

3. Special furniture

Here you can add larger furniture such as tables, mirrors or whiteboards.

4. <tc>add-ons</tc>

Choose hooks, shelfs, brackets and more for your wall.

1. Select <tc>wall rails</tc>

In the first step, select the wall rails that you want for your Variand wall and add it to your shopping cart. Please note the following:

  • How wide is your wall?
  • How long do the wall rails have to be?
  • Which wall rails-add-ons do for make sense?
  • Which material suits your interior best?

2. Select shelves

Now you can start selecting the larger furniture. Please note the following:

  • How many centimeters wall rail did you select beforehand?
  • Should the shelves be more decorative or fulfill a specific function?
  • Information about You can find the product dimensions on the product pages

3. Tables & Boards

Please note the following when selecting tables and boards:

  • For the boards, the wall rail must hang at least 180 cm high
  • You can find information about the product dimensions on the Product pages

4. Select <tc>add-ons</tc>

Here you can select shelfs, hooks and accessories. Please note the following:

  • Think about how much space you still have on the selected wall rails after selecting the large furniture
  • We recommend the hooks for larger jackets or clothes hangers the depth M

Let us create a plan for you!

Planning aid

Are you not completely satisfied with your selection or do you still have questions?
Then let our team help you with the planning!

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